Sample Student Learning Goals/Objectives

The following sample goals/objectives have been provided by teachers and administrators from across the state. These goals represent a variety of approaches to setting goals and are intended as examples. Districts, in accordance with their state-approved evaluation plans, should determine how specific goals/objectives will be set after assessing their unique priorities and student needs. All names and identifying information have been removed.

Student Learning Goals/Objectives for SESS are listed on the Student and Educator Support Specialist Guidance Documents page

Teacher Goals & Objectives

K-2 Music
1 ELA-Reading
2 ELA-Reading
2 Social Studies
4 ELA-Writing
4 Health
5 Instrumental Music
5 Music
5 Social Studies
Middle School Speech Language Therapy
6-8 Social Studies
6 ELA-Reading
6 Math
7 General Science
7 Library Media
7 Math
8 ELA-Writing
8 Health
8 Math
8 Music
8 Spanish 1
9 Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD)
9 Algebra 1
9 Agricultural Science and Technology Education
9 French
9-10 Wood technology design measure layout
9-12 Animal Science
9-12 Medical Careers
9-12 Engineering
9-12 French
9-12 Visual Arts
10 Geometry
11 Algebra 2
11-12 Physics

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